Zen Bank
An elegant banking web app that organizes large amounts of information and data in an intuitive manner.
By Theophilus T.


Zen Bank is a web app designed to provide users with a seamless and stress-free banking experience. The primary objective of this design project was to create a minimalist and intuitive interface that simplifies financial management tasks for users.
By incorporating principles of Zen philosophy, the app aims to foster a sense of calm and clarity, enabling users to effortlessly navigate their financial information. Zen Bank also aims to present large amounts of information and data using organized interactive methodologies.


4 weeks before handoff for development


UX researcher, UX designer, UX writer, Project manager


Design a banking web app that intuitively organizes large amounts of banking information and incorporates key functionalities while utilizing a beautiful, elegant, seamless zen-like user interface and visual design.

Step 1: Empathize

The first step in the Zen Bank design process was to empathize and better understand the user requirements. To ensure a user-centric design, extensive research was conducted to understand the pain points and needs of modern banking customers.
Through the results of the research, key insights were gathered to further guide the design process. The core principle was to reduce cognitive load and streamline interactions, making the app accessible and delightful for all users, regardless of their financial literacy.

Step 2: Define

In this step of the design process, I defined the core features of Zen Bank using the information gathered from the emphasize step in order to achieve a banking experience that integrated principles of simplicity, mindfulness, and user-centric design. This was done by combining and enhancing the key functionalities of a traditional banking apps with a serene and intuitive interface.
I created an extensive sitemap that clearly defined the structure of the web app including its pages. I then created a user flow to thoroughly define how users would go about navigating and accessing their different accounts.    

Step 3: Conceptualize

The third step in the design process was to start conceptualizing by translating the defined Zen Bank features and ideas into a comprehensive design concept. The interface focused on simplicity, with a clear hierarchy of information and intuitive navigation.
Emphasis was placed on creating a harmonious balance between functionality and ensuring that users could effortlessly manage their finances while enjoying a peaceful and stress-free digital banking experience. The wireframes below are a result of this process.


Accounts Wireframes

Step 4: Prototype

In the fourth step of the Zen Bank App’s design process, a low-fidelity prototype was created to further solidify the core functionalities and overall user flow. The low-fidelity prototype below focuses on capturing the essence of a simplified and intuitive banking experience as defined in previous steps. Below are the results.

Lo-Fi Prototype

Accounts Lo-Fi Prototype

Hi-Fi Prototype

Building upon the insights gained from the low-fidelity prototype, a high-fidelity prototype was developed for the Zen Banking App. This prototype aimed to create a visually appealing and polished user interface while maintaining a seamless user experience.
The high-fidelity prototype included refined visuals, typography, color schemes, and interactive elements. It showcased realistic data and interactions with the aim of providing users with an optimal banking experience.

Accounts Hi-Fi Prototype

Figma Interactive Hi-Fi Prototype

View Figma Prototype

Step 5: Test and Iterate

During the test and Iterate step of Zen Bank, the focus was on gathering user feedback and refining the user experience. A series of user tests were conducted with a diverse group of participants to understand their interactions, pain points, and overall satisfaction with the app. By observing users' interactions and listening to their feedback, valuable insights were obtained, enabling me to make iterative improvements.
The user feedback highlighted areas where the app's navigation and functionality could be enhanced for a more seamless and intuitive experience. Through an iterative design process, I refined the app's visual hierarchy, streamlined the onboarding process, and fine-tuned the placement of key features.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Zen Banking app seamlessly blends minimalist aesthetics with intuitive user experience to offer a tranquil and stress-free banking experience. Through a meticulous attention to detail and a focus on simplicity, Zen Banking succeeds in fostering a sense of calm and clarity in the often overwhelming world of personal finance.
The thoughtfully crafted user interface not only enhances functionality but also cultivates a harmonious connection between users and their financial goals. By embracing a Zen-inspired design philosophy, this app stands out among its competitors, offering a refreshing and rejuvenating approach to banking.